How can Solkoff Legal help us qualify for Medicaid to pay for home care?

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How can an attorney help us protect our family's hard earned assets?

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How will Solkoff Legal help us care for a family member with special needs?

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The Solkoff TeamAbout Solkoff Legal

Solkoff Legal, P.A. has a founding heritage in assisting the elderly, the disabled, their caregivers and their families with legal services. The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Kiplinger’s Magazine and numerous other national publications have reported on the work of the firm and/or its attorneys. By their own peers in the national elder care community. Solkoff Legal, P.A. is a unique law firm solely dedicated to helping the elderly, the disabled, their caregivers and their families. As pioneers in the field of Elder Law, we commit ourselves to educating our clients and peers on successful aging.

We wrote the book on Elder Law, authoring the leading textbooks on Elder Law for Florida and the greater United States. Click to view the members of our team below…

Our Attorneys

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How can we help?How to Become a Client

Becoming a client of Solkoff Legal, P.A. starts with an Initial Consultation. The purpose of the Initial Consultation is to listen — for the firm to listen to you, what is going on in your life, your needs and concerns and for you to listen to the firm’s information and advice.

When coming to the firm for aging, long-term care planning and related issues, you will learn the following:

  1. The three primary types of long-term care.
  2. The three methods of financing long-term care.
  3. The process used to protect family savings from the cost of long-term care.
  4. Tips and Treasures on how to achieve a higher quality of life and reduce anxiety and fear even in the face of illness, incapacity and advanced aging.
  5. Whether the firm can assist you, what the process will be and how much it will cost. The firm charges an Initial Consultation and applies 100% of this fee to any further work. The firm cannot quote fees prior to an Initial Consultation.

One of the purposes of the Initial Consultation is to determine what services you will require. The firm follows a fee schedule, setting forth the same fees for all clients with very rare exception based on extraordinary needs or circumstances. Almost all of the firm’s work is done on a flat fee without hourly billing. The flat fee is quoted during the Initial Consultation, following a regular fee schedule, once the firm diagnoses and prescribes. The fee will never change and you will not pay any extra add-ons or other fees unless the scope of the firm’s representation changes.

To arrange for an Initial Consultation, click the button below or call the firm at 561-733-4242. We look forward to hearing from you!

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For all your help in this trying time of our lives, you have been most helpful & kind. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Bess C.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for all of the time and assistance that you have been providing us. Thank you for all the good you do for others.


I am overwhelmed by your kindness & compassion. It is such a good feeling to know that your situation is understood by others. We just do what we have to do. Thank you all, I am speechless.

Penny S.

Thank you for all of your good advice and time. It was very appreciated.

Jesse, Carol & Tiffany

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience and going that extra mile.

Patrick and Kathy C.

I really enjoyed talking with you today. I will sleep better tonight and I know my parents are turning cartwheels up in heaven over their little prodigal’s financial planning, thanks again.

Christine S.