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The Solkoff TeamAbout Solkoff Legal

Solkoff Legal, P.A. has a founding heritage in assisting the elderly, the disabled, their caregivers and their families with legal services. The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Kiplinger’s Magazine and numerous other national publications have reported on the work of the firm and/or its attorneys. By their own peers in the national elder care community. Solkoff Legal, P.A. is a unique law firm solely dedicated to helping the elderly, the disabled, their caregivers and their families. As pioneers in the field of Elder Law, we commit ourselves to educating our clients and peers on successful aging.

We wrote the book on Elder Law, authoring the leading textbooks on Elder Law for Florida and the greater United States. Click to view the members of our team below…

Our Attorneys

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How can we help?How to Become a Client

Becoming a client of Solkoff Legal, P.A. starts with an Initial Consultation. The purpose of the Initial Consultation is to listen — for the firm to listen to you, what is going on in your life, your needs and concerns and for you to listen to the firm’s information and advice. When coming to the firm for aging, long-term care planning and related issues, you will learn the following:

  1. The three primary types of long-term care.
  2. The three methods of financing long-term care.
  3. The process used to protect family savings from the cost of long-term care.
  4. Tips and Treasures on how to achieve a higher quality of life and reduce anxiety and fear even in the face of illness, incapacity and advanced aging.
  5. Whether the firm can assist you, what the process will be and how much it will cost. The firm charges an Initial Consultation and applies 100% of this fee to any further work. The firm cannot quote fees prior to an Initial Consultation.

One of the purposes of the Initial Consultation is to determine what services you will require. The firm follows a fee schedule, setting forth the same fees for all clients with very rare exception based on extraordinary needs or circumstances. Almost all of the firm’s work is done on a flat fee without hourly billing. The flat fee is quoted during the Initial Consultation, following a regular fee schedule, once the firm diagnoses and prescribes. The fee will never change and you will not pay any extra add-ons or other fees unless the scope of the firm’s representation changes. To arrange for an Initial Consultation, click the button below or call the firm at 561-733-4242. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Best Lawyer I ever met! Mr. Solkoff represented me and my parents. He was able to protect their savings which were being spent at an astounding rate first for home health aides and then for my Dad's nursing home care. We paid one fee and he represented us for over three years. Never charged another penny and even suggested other documents and did not charge extra. I think we got to know the whole office because they all work together. Mr. Solkoff was recommended by my attorney in New York and then two other lawyers in Florida. I have learned in life that if you need surgery, find out who the other surgeons would go to for their family. Same with lawyers. I am a businessman. I work with lawyers a lot. This was by far the best experience I have had. Worth every penny. He literally wrote the book. This guy is the real deal and humble too. He was so patient with my mother.


Excellent. It was a great comfort knowing that my mom was protected, and she would be able to age gracefully, either in place or at a nursing home. Solkoff legal has been there from the beginning, and everything has worked out perfectly and as expected. The peace of mind is really worth it!


Top elder law attorney. Both personally and professionally, I have utilized Solkoff Law for over 10 years. Personally, he has helped my dad before he passed at 101. His expertise and knowledge helped dad pass in a beautiful assisted living facility because of his work in family asset protection. He has prepare custom documents for me and my wife who is disabled. Professionally, he has helped dozens of my clients in long term care planning and for caring for a child of special needs. I have shared the podium with Scott and have been in meetings with his clients and mine. He is one of the most skilled attorneys that I have ever worked with in 30 years of wealth management practice. His staff is first rate and always responsive to my calls or those of clients. I have gone on end of life hospital visits with him to complete planning to help the family when their loved one is about to pass. Solkoff Legal is first class, knowledgeable, caring and accessible They are the team you want on your side with your planning and problems.


A great firm. I have used Solkoff Legal to set up all my legal documents in order to prepare for our needs in later life. I found Scott and all his associates to be knowledgeable and fully aware of my requirements. When a situation arose that caused us to use some of the documents (Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate) he suggested I knew that I was completely covered. I know my future is secure because I used this firm.


When it comes to elder law, trust and estate planning, and medicaid asset protection, there is no name that is better known throughout Florida than SOLKOFF.  I have used Solkoff Legal for a long time, as has members of my family and clients whom I have referred. Attorney Scott Solkoff and his staff are true experts in this field, are consummate professionals, and have the client's best interests at heart. In fact, I believe Solkoff has received many awards not only for his humanitarian work in his community, but from his peers for his professional excellence.  I would recommend Solkoff to anyone looking for the very best...A+++!

Marc H.

I highly recommend Attorney Scott Solkoff and his staff. He handles the wills and trust for my family, always with remarkable service. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind.


These testimonials contain information about the firm’s past results, and individual opinions about the lawyers and firm’s quality based on individual experiences. Testimonials are voluntarily written by those with previous experience with the firm. Because each case is different, prospective clients may not achieve the same or similar results.